Celta Assignment 2 Descriptive Research Paper Topics

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Celta Assignment 2

There is no formal requirement of a higher educational degree. Note: As Cambridge authorized centre we view all instances of plagiarism very seriously.

It is, however, recommended that applicants should have formal qualifications which would allow entry into higher education in their own country. Candidates may confer and recommend useful sources, but each assignment must be your own work and you must sign that this is the case. Where candidates are found to have plagiarised from another candidate or from a reference source, that assignment or teaching practice may be rejected or they may be disqualified from the course, and they will be ineligible for the award in cases where dishonesty or plagiarism are brought to the attention of Cambridge English Language Assessment.

Also, share the blog with people that might be interested in knowing about other courses and examinations, I’m sure it will be useful.As you can see above, I took this exercise from the book: Cutting Edge.I got these 2 exercises and adapted them: My students didn’t need the warm-up, lead-in, and presentation in the handout, so I put only the tasks which they had to write something or they needed a guide to follow in a conversation.Adapted from Cutting Edge: Important aspect of the lesson, you must always write where you took the exercise from.If you did it yourself, if you took it from your creativeness, write your name!

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Basically TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) refer to the subject area not to a particular qualification.

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