Cather In The Rye Essay Thesis In Chemistry

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It is very closely related to his struggle against growing up.

Holden's enemy is the adult world and the cruelty and artificiality that it entails.

Holden’s misunderstanding of the ducks is one example of his innocence.He wishes that everything could just stay the way it is, that time could stand still, especially when something beautiful happens. It isn't just that society wants Holden to grow up; his own biological condition insists that he become an adult.When he compares this to the displays under glass at the museum, Holden seems to be rejecting life itself. When he resists change, Holden is fighting the biological clock that eventually will result in old age and death. Although we may admire his candor and even sometimes identify with his adolescent wish, we are left to conclude that Holden's way leads to considerable frustration and, eventually, madness.We know this because Holden states that it may be a one in a million shot asking him. The title of the novel "Catcher in the Rye", written by JD Salinger, has a great meaning behind itself.

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