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“You see those bad things happen and you want to prove yourself,” she said.

Indeed, she told me that her research suggests “that more women should be in this field changing the landscape.”An article last Sunday about hostility toward women in economics misstated the current views of George Borjas, a Harvard professor, about Economics Job Market Rumors, an online forum, after he received a copy of a paper by Alice H.

More of the words associated with discussions about men have a positive tone, including terms like goals, greatest and Nobel.

And to the extent that there is a clearly gendered theme, it is a schoolyard battle for status: The list includes words like bully, burning and fought. Wu says the anonymity of these online posts “eliminates any social pressure participants may feel to edit their speech” and so perhaps allowed her “to capture what people believe but would not openly say.”In order to more systematically evaluate the underlying themes of these discussions, Ms.

Professor Card described her as “an extraordinary student.”She is also tenacious, and when I asked Ms.

The site, commonly known as (its full name is Economics Job Market Rumors), began as a place for economists to exchange gossip about who is hiring and being hired in the profession.The parallel list of words associated with discussions about men reveals no similarly singular or hostile theme.It includes words that are relevant to economics, such as adviser, Austrian (a school of thought in economics) mathematician, pricing, textbook and Wharton (the University of Pennsylvania business school that is President Trump’s alma mater).The 30 words most uniquely associated with discussions of women make for uncomfortable reading.In order, that list is: hotter, lesbian, bb (internet speak for “baby”), sexism, tits, anal, marrying, feminazi, slut, hot, vagina, boobs, pregnant, pregnancy, cute, marry, levy, gorgeous, horny, crush, beautiful, secretary, dump, shopping, date, nonprofit, intentions, sexy, dated and prostitute.

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First, many “water cooler” conversations have migrated online, leaving behind a computerized archive.

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