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This includes, but is not limited to, research that will help us understand problematic issues facing our communities, develop better content policies, assess possible interventions to protect our communities, or identify the mechanisms (e.g., social support, social comparison) through which Instagram usage directly impacts well-being.

Networking is fundamental to today's large scale distributed systems that power the family of Facebook applications that are used by billions of people.

The goal of the RFP is to challenge the community to address these challenges together, and to solicit new tasks.

In 2019, Instagram requests research proposals to help us better understand experiences on Instagram that foster or harm the well-being and safety of our communities and societies.

In addition to creating new avenues for economic opportunity and growth, these platforms have also created a new set of economic challenges.

These include the potential to exacerbate existing inequalities in access to opportunity, particularly for those who lack digital skills.

These vary in nature and may solicit proposals from individual researchers addressing a well-defined problem or may require multiple university departments to collaborate with a diverse set of skills to solve a more complex multi-disciplinary challenge.

Calls for proposals align to specific areas of research.

What is currently lacking is a well-defined set of tasks around online safety, together with appropriate benchmarks to quantify performance.They offer insight to the academic community on topical research questions of interest to Facebook, where academic insight is key.Specific details on timing and criteria will apply to each call.We specifically seek projects that address the technical challenges impeding computer vision in these contexts, including data and hardware limitations and better integration of new information sources, such as high-resolution satellite imagery.To foster further innovation in topics at the intersection of programming languages and machine learning, and to deepen our collaboration with academia, Facebook is pleased to invite faculty and graduate students to respond to this call for research proposals.

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To help support the need for thoughtful and groundbreaking academic research in these areas, Facebook is supporting independent academic research work, in India, in the field of AI Ethics that takes into account different regional perspectives The emergence of new digital marketplaces has revolutionized commerce, transportation, and information dissemination.

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