Business Project Planning

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What this means is that after an objective has been clearly articulated, we can describe it in concrete (measurable) terms and identify what we have to do to achieve it.

You don’t need to know all the project management basics to execute a successful project plan.

Input deliverables, dependencies, and milestones into your Gantt chart, or choose from the many online templates and apps available.

Be sure you also understand how to write a project management report for a summary overview of the current status of the project. The people performing the work have important insights into how tasks get done, how long they'll take, and who's the best person to tackle them. You'll need them to agree with the project schedule and set expectations for work to run smoothly. Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best isn’t doing you any favors.

The purpose of the project planning phase is to: The planning phase refines the project’s objectives, which were gathered during the initiation phase.

It includes planning the steps necessary to meet those objectives by further identifying the specific activities and resources required to com­plete the project.

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Now that these objectives have been recognized, they must be clearly articulated, detailing an in-depth scrutiny of each recognized objective.

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