Business Plan For Medical Practice Integrating Ipad In A Special Education Class A Case Study

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Business Plan For Medical Practice

1.2 Mission The mission of COMPANY NAME is to provide quality, comprehensive and loving health care coordination and medical management services for the elderly and/or sick.This service assists not only individuals, families and care givers, but also doctors, nurses, therapists, hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation facilities and assisted living communities.There are government agencies on the county, state levels that provide the same services that COMPANY NAME will be providing.The long delays, lack of personal attention, and quality of service provided by these agencies leave the market wide open for private involvement.Whatever needs to be done to serve in the best interest of the individual/needy, COMPANY NAME coordinates and manages it and is available 24hr/7 days a week.The Market The type of service that COMPANY NAME is providing is almost non-existent from the private sector in the region that the business is operated.In other words, physicians tend to get serious about a business plan only when they need to go to a bank and ask for money.

You can use them to establish the direction of your practice and calculate how much money you will need to start operating.

Professional fees for insurance, legal, accounting, IT Consulting, and Marketing Consultant for first phase of advertising campaign for ,500; building expenses, computers, fax, printer, copier, starting office supplies for ,000; office furniture for ,000; handicap van and car for staff for ,000; starting cash balance ,000 with an addition funds raised for 3,000. 1.1 Objectives COMPANY NAME has four community driven objectives: 1.

Help people who are in need stay in their home environment instead of costly facilities. Streamline services and communications in the health/medical field by providing professionals such as doctors, nurses, therapists, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes better care alternatives and services for care management. Provide opportunities for the community to serve individuals and their families to maximize mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Save tax payer dollars from wasteful spending on duplicate health and medical care by providing comprehensive health care management.

What are the Elements of a Medical Practice Business Plan?

Amanda Gutierrez Physicians typically generate business plans at two junctures in their practice’s development — when they want loans, or when they want start-up capital.

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COMPANY NAME will employ many strategies to differentiate themselves from the existing market.