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Brecht Essays Epic Theatre

A radio where there are not only big broadcasting companies at work, but where the medium has something like a reverse channel, where the recipient has the chance to become broadcaster himself.Well, the Web in fact is something like Brecht had originally demanded.Notable among his play are , 1949), the story of a struggle for possession of a child between its highborn mother, who deserts it, and the servant girl who looks after it.But Hollywood never opened its doors to Brecht, who sketched notes for more than fifty films..Bertolt Brecht was born in broke out, Brecht initially was very enthusiastic, but soon changed his mind on seeing his classmates “swallowed by the army”.Thanks to an additional medical course at Munich University, where he enrolled in 1917, he had found a loop hole not to get right away drafted to the front. A theatre practitioner of the 20th century, Brecht is best known for his contributions to dramaturgy and theatrical production.

Brecht required detachment, not passion, from the observing audience.

The purpose of the play was to awaken the spectators’ minds so that he could communicate his version of the truth.

In 1933 Brecht went into exile, first in Scandinavia (1933-41), and then in the United States (1941-47), where he also did some film work in Hollywood.

In the last decade, Brecht was often cited for his radio theory, and that with the Web as we know it by today with its blogs, microblogs and wikis, has become the materialization of what Brecht had demanded originally in his radio theory.

In fact, he had demanded a kind of radio, where everybody had the possibility to broadcast by himself.

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Nevertheless, I don’t appreciate his writings, although some of his poetry – yes, he also wrote poetry – is really excellent and rather touching.

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