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Books In Essays

This essay draws blood.” “These large-hearted, meticulous essays offer an uncanny x-ray of our national psyche, examining that American mess of saints and conmen, the peculiar, culpable innocence that American mess of saints and conmen, the peculiar, culpable innocence that confuses money and moral worth, charity and personal aggrandizement.Gerard’s prose is lacerating and compassionate at once, showing us both the grand beauty of our American dreams and the heartbreaking devastation they wreak.” … Gerard’s writing transports completely, thanks both to the eerie, atmospheric prose itself and to her thorough investigative journalism; each essay carries the reader to a seemingly foreign world….He becomes our embezzling protagonist whose tales about the birds he “rescues” never quite add up.Gerard’s personal stories are no less eerie or poignant: An essay that begins as a look at Gerard’s first relationship becomes a heart-wrenching exploration of acquaintance rape and consent.[filled with] tragic-comic characters who embody the state’s combination of beauty, sadness, hope, and greed.….

Yet, despite its title, that enigma of a state isn’t the focus.This thematic ambiguity and avoidance of the pithy message are qualities—in addition to the effective use of autobiographical scenes—that some of Gerard’s essays share with those of Joan Didion…[and] turns the book into an Everlasting Gobstopper for thought. Gerard’s collection leaves an indelible impression.” who capture and concern us.What slowly emerges throughout the course of Gerard’s searching is a clear-eyed dismantling of the American dream: the idea that we are the individual architects of our fates, each with the power to will for ourselves the lives we want, the abundance we desire — wealth we trust will lead to true happiness.” treats Florida…as a frame of mind, a psychoactive landscape through which to wander, poking what Gerard sees until she can make sense of it.

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Also like Didion’s essays (when they first appeared), Gerard’s are records of a recent past that will soon enough feel like history.” “Gerard is a virtuoso of language, which in her hands is precise, unlabored, and quietly wrought with emotion…. Vivid, sometimes disturbing, but always engaging, I loved this memoir of our southernmost state where an evolving people play, dance, struggle, and die beneath tropical skies.” “With visceral wit and a literary toolkit full to the brim with new forms, Sarah Gerard’s first collection of essays makes the wild and untamed inner life of Florida bloom vividly within the reader’s mind.

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