Books Are Dead Essay

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Bolin turns her eye from more widely known cultural touchstones ) towards more obscure texts, and she starts diving deeper into her own experiences.In particular, she writes seemingly endlessly about Joan Didion, and while I’m always up for reading about Joan Didion (truly! I got why Didion’s work is important to Bolin–I just didn’t understand why that should be important to Maybe I’m falling into the exact same trap Bolin is excoriating here–after all, I’m saying that I was far more interested in the “dead” part than the “surviving” part, which is exactly the problem with “dead girl” culture.And all the choices that the publisher made here left me feeling baited and switched.The best fix I can think of would be to publish this as two books.It’s also full of more personal essays about Bolin’s experience in the American West, her move to L.A., her family, her experience navigating white womanhood, her favorite books, an incompatible boyfriend, and more.

(That part makes up about a third of the book, with the more general essays making up the rest.) Alice Bolin is an excellent writer and I enjoyed the essays on their own merits, but as an essay. If I despised only Amy, if I focused all my fury and rage and venom on the one woman who deserved it, that didn’t make me my father.” Aren’t they all one-woman misogynists? I signed onto this book expecting what it says right there on the tin: essays about the American (probably global?In an attempt to persuade the public of the ultimate end of print newspapers, magazines, and books, the advocates present print media as fully outdated, expensive, and impractical (Anderson, 2014).What becomes evident from their pressure on the public is that they have initiated “a zero-sum game – print must die for digital to prevail” (Anderson, 2014, n.p.).) obsession with “dead girls,” and what that means for the very-much-alive girls and women who live in a world full of that kind of laden, violent imagery.The problem is that a good deal of this book isn’t about dead girls at all.

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