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Book Report On The Notebook

The Notebook which was published in 1996 by American novelist Nicholas Sparks was his first book which went on to become such a huge hit that it instantly shot Sparks to fame, ensuring that every other book he writes would be a better love story, if not as good.A movie was made based on the book in 2004 starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams.An elderly man reads a story to his ailing wife about two star-crossed lovers from years ago.Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson met at a local carnival in 1932.Circumstances bring the girl he loved, Allie and him together once more but at this point of time, she is already engaged to someone else.The premise and plot of the story seemed promising.Or if you still want to check out ‘The Notebook’ and the hype behind it, just watch the movie.The book is overrated as most of our audiences will go for anything which showcases old, sweet love.

I’d honestly heard so much about this book from all my friends and countless Instagram pages as to how it will definitely make me cry and fall in love all over again.

The movie, I believe is better than the book, because it actually shows their love when they were young and then when they’re adults.

The book doesn’t talk much about their teenage love, which I feel could’ve added more spark.

He went on with his life, first moving to New Jersey where he worked in a scrapyard, and later went off to fight in Europe during WWII.

No matter where he went, the ghost of his whirlwind summer romance with Allie haunted him, making it impossible to have a successful relationship.

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