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An ethnocentric person believes that his/her way of life is the best and goes on to judge other cultures relative to his/her own culture.The concept of ethnocentrism assists in distinguishing between one’s cultures from others.Anthropologists have come to unearth the culture of the Nacirema.First, this group believed that Notgnihsaw discovered the nation in which they lived.The elements include beliefs, norms, values, symbols, and language.Beliefs are avowals that a social group hold to be true.

Witch doctors had the power to exorcise the devils and curses that parents could have placed on their children.

The rightness or wrongness depends on a social group that practices it.

Therefore, an act that is unethical in one ethnic group can be ethical in another ethnic group.

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From the sociological aspect, culture has five key elements that well describe a people’s ways of thinking and action.

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The context of right and wrong relies on a specific culture.

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