Blue Book Essay Test

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Blue Book Essay Test

Writing Difficult for Some Students Students, especially those in law school, take notes in class on their laptops.

They write papers on computers and communicate via e-mail.

When she calls to ask why he sent her the essay, he feigns shock, “Oh My God, I’m dead.” Grandma then persuades the professor to accept her grandson’s essay.

Blue books tend to fade from the minds of college grads until something triggers old memories--like Barnard College fund-raisers.

The rationale was that this was a better test of a student’s analytic and writing skills than the traditional oral exams, said John R. The most popular form is eight sheets of lined paper folded in half and stapled with a blue cover. The family-owned company, which opened in Roaring Springs, Pa., 112 years ago, is one of three remaining major manufacturers.

It produces 15 million to 20 million booklets a year.

For Adam Wasserman, blue books symbolize nothing but dread. On the third day of the grueling exam, the daisy wheel jammed.“I totally freaked,” Wasserman said.

Wasserman is dyslexic and has long struggled with reading and writing. He took to computers at 18 and made it through Hofstra University and Hastings Law School by persuading his professors to let him take exams on a computer. He got partial credit for half of the essay he managed to yank out of the machine.

Rather, think of the skinny booklet with those dreaded empty pages of lined paper that you had to fill during final exams.They’re being replaced, of course, by the floppy disk.Students at more than 100 universities--mostly those in law school--can now use their laptop computers to take midterm and final exams.They simply type answers onto the “virtual blue book” disk, which they hand in when the exam is over.The list of universities using disks grows every week, as professors learn of software that blocks test takers from retrieving information or answers from personal files.

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It’s just too easy to pull up some answers or notes from the hard drive and tack them onto the exam with a few mouse clicks.

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