Block Style Comparison Essay

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The compare/contrast essay is an excellent opportunity to help students develop their critical thinking and writing skills.A compare and contrast essay examines two or more subjects by comparing their similarities and contrasting their differences.The two styles are further explained in the next two paragraphs.In using the block arrangement, you’re going to describe each of the two things you’re comparing (object A and object B) in two separate paragraphs.Comparison and contrast essay writing is done with a plan. Every kind of essay, not just the comparison and contrast essay, need to have an outline before it becomes a good essay piece.An outline allows you to organize your ideas so that you can present them in a clear and coherent manner.

Comparison and contrast essay writing is not that simple but it can very easy if you understand the different ways on doing it.The writer provides an introduction stating the comparisons, the contrasts and the thesis statement.Then, the writer provides body paragraphs detailing the similarities and another body paragraphs explaining the differences.First, students need to select pick comparable objects, people, or ideas and list their individual characteristics.A graphic organizer, like a Venn Diagram or top hat chart, is helpful in preparing to write the essay: The student should write the introductory paragraph to signal a compare and contrast essay in order to identify the two subjects and explain that they are very similar, very different or have many important (or interesting) similarities and differences.

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While writing your paragraphs, make sure that every statement from your object A paragraph has a corresponding statement in your object B paragraph.

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  1. Read this article on how to write a thesis statement for more help. You need to make sure that you put quotation marks around words that the person said, and you need to make sure that you body paragraphs support your thesis statement.