Billy Elliot Essay

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Billy Elliot Essay

The idea of identity can refer to physical appearance such as gender, nationality, age.

The text Billy Elliot thoroughly explores the idea of identity and shows how identity can be shaped, changed and refined through life experiences and social interaction though the techniques of symbolism, contrast, music and dancing.

Billy’s characters suffers many consequences because of this challenging time of trying to find his own identity and symbolism, contrast, imagery and music helps us to understand this.

Identity is an important aspect for any individual, as it separates one from another.

Dance is a space that is brimming with what Laura Mulvey has called ‘to-be-looked-at-ness’ (also see Cohan).

By making us look at it, dance also asks us to read it.

Somehow, somewhere, men engage with dance to at least temporarily emerge as forthrightly masculine.

[2] What intrigues me about these films is their engagements with dance. ’ In addressing this question, I want to resist the impulse to say what dance is.

While variations abound in the implementation of this formula, the basic pattern in each film is the same.[4] But here, dance (and particularly dance in films about male masculinity crises) gets complicated.For what is so interesting about the ‘look here’ space of dance in dance films featuring male masculinity crises is that when we look at dance, we are both comforted and surprised. Contrary to popular understandings of dance (as liberating, etc.), dance is among the most strictly coded performances we have.In the film Billy Elliot directed by Stephen Daldry we see many important ideas and presented with one of them being identity.The idea of identity is presented through the use of a number of techniques such as symbolism, contrast, music and dancing.

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Billy emotionally expresses himself through dancing such as in the scene "Dance of Defiance" where he displays his talent and passion through an expressive dance routine.

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