Be Cosic Thesis Cryptanalysis_Stream_Cipher_En Html

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Be Cosic Thesis Cryptanalysis_Stream_Cipher_En Html

Because the purpose of the graduate thesis is to prove that you have made an original and useful contribution to knowledge, the examiners read your thesis to find the answers to the following questions: A very clear statement of the question is essential to proving that you have made an original and worthwhile contribution to knowledge.

To prove the originality and value of your contribution, you must present a thorough review of the existing literature on the subject, and on closely related subjects.

The generic thesis skeleton can be used for any thesis.

While some professors may prefer a different organization, the essential elements in any thesis will be the same. Always remember that a thesis is a formal document: every item must be in the appropriate place, and repetition of material in different places should be eliminated. Introduction This is a general introduction to what the thesis is all about -- it is not just a description of the contents of each section.

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Failure to prove that you have made such a contribution generally leads to failure.

To this end, your thesis must show two important things: Your contribution to knowledge generally lies in your solution or answer.

The thesis is a formal document whose sole purpose is to prove that you have made an original contribution to knowledge.Briefly summarize the question (you will be stating the question in detail later), some of the reasons why it is a worthwhile question, and perhaps give an overview of your main results.This is a birds-eye view of the answers to the main questions answered in the thesis (see above). Background Information (optional) A brief section giving background information may be necessary, especially if your work spans two or more traditional fields.Le service Home Live se divise en 2 parties: Un pack composé d’une centrale et des accessoires (des détecteurs ou encore des prises connectées…) Une application pour gérer les services à distance La centrale est une sorte de routeur avec plusieurs diodes sur le capot et une connectique basique composée d’un port RJ45 pour relier la centrale Homelive au modem et d’un port USB.D’après les dernières informations,une carte SIM serait aussi livrée avec le pack Homelive.

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If your thesis does not provide adequate answers to the few questions listed above, you will likely be faced with a requirement for major revisions or you may fail your thesis defence outright.

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