Bbq Business Plan

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The expense of the extra square footage from 1,000 sq ft to 1600 sq ft was pretty negligible to the overall costs.

We are here to help people solve their barbecue problems. I'd be leaving a 75K a year job, and think I would be happy if I caould make 45K - 50K doing what I love, which is making people happy with good food.There are bigger markets than yours, but yours is by no means small. You are on the right track at this time by focusing on becoming educated and technically competent in your future craft and learning the art of vending food. But at least I can start planning, and I hope to be ready by mid 2009.. over the years, i start them from scratch and run them for a few years 3-4. But success in the retail food service trades is only partially dependent on that factor. He has helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of people get started in businesses as you describe. After passing that section as well, the health district permit was issued. The fire chief came himself to look at the hood and fire suppresion systems, looked at exits and signs, looked for inspectors signatures at the electrical panel, and looked at the gas hookups for the range and fryer, and the automatic emergency gas cut-off valve. I honestly don't think I will mind working so hard as it is a passion of mine.You can call him at 1-800-423-0698 and pick his brain. I won't go into the final building department inspection which was required for the new building's occupancy permit. I honestly don't know; I might choose to do something like a mobile vending operation, or focusing on pick-up only service. I'm also tired of working for people who seemed to make their life's purpose to make their employees miserable. since my place would be similar to yours, is it financially viable?

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In that way, my kitchen is making me money instead of just sitting unused. They are always producing product; if I'm not doing my bbq, then I'm doing bbq for someone else.