Barings Bank Case Study I Need Homework Help

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Barings Bank Case Study

One of the member in Four-man team was Lisa, Lisa become Nick Leeson wife at 1992.

This make Nick Leeson gain more knowledge about computer technology, balance sheet, Japanese derivatives trading.

The returns on this unauthorized strategy is either a high fantastically gains or a huge utterly losses.

In year 1992, Baring Securities in London opened a branch in Singapore to trade futures and options.

Even Nick Leeson have a confidence of his superiors but he don’t have qualification to take professional examinations.

Nick Leeson and his traders had the authority to do transaction of futures and options orders for Barings Singapore’s clients and arbitrage the differences of price between Nikkei futures traded on the SIMEX and Japan’s Osaka exchange.

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In 1985, Nick Leeson had a job as a clerical work at Coutts & Co.