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The MSc Money, Banking and Finance is one year full time or two years part time. You'll need to take and pass eight taught modules over two semesters, four in each. Six are core modules, while two are chosen from option modules.After you've completed the second semester's taught modules, there is a 10-week period to write your dissertation.

You can use the links to find journal articles, company information and other resources - just click on the menu at the side of this page to get started.

Applications can be rejected by particular chairs for reasons of capacity though.

In case of doubt, the chair makes a decision between the applicants.

Especially the relevant lectures must have been visited and passed with good marks.

For writing the Bachelor Thesis at the DBF, the successful completion of the mandatory modules is highly recommended.

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Limited availability for empirical Masters Theses in Stata on: (1) The role of interest rate expectations for the choice between Fixed-Rate Mortgages and Adjustable-Rate Mortgages. (2) Real-world impact of investment approaches ("how to invest with impact"; "what data to use"). More information and topics at Fachgebiet: Decision theory and experimental decision research Themen: Experiments on individual decision making under risk, intertemporal choice, interactions between time and risk, stochastic modeling Asset Pricing, Asset Allocation, Quantitative Finance, Financial Engineering.

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