Autobiography Of A Bicycle Essays

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Autobiography Of A Bicycle Essays

From It really doesn't matter much where this one individual young lady is going on her wheel.

ORLA CHENNAOUI joined Sky News as Northern Ireland Correspondent in 2006 and covered stories including the Omagh bombing trial and reported regularly on the peace process in Northern Ireland.By the 1890s, America was totally obsessed with the bicycle—which by then looked pretty much like the ones we ride today.There were millions of bikes on the roads and a new culture built around the technology.There is a delicate grace and refinement limned upon the canvas, so to speak, that is as transcendental in its esoteric concept of the metempsychosis of a plate of beans as there is in the sacred codfish that flutters its ichthyological tail over the golden dome of the State House."Philadelphia, was apparently notable for the tight leggings women opted to wear: "As will be seen, this view is a happy medium between Boston and Cincinnati, and shows neither too much intellect nor too much physical vigor.It also indicates by the leggings, which are unmistakable in their outlines, that shrinking diffidence which has justily made Philadelphia admired and loved by the classes as well as the masses."In Albany, Lamtpon imagined women on bicycles saying nothing but "'hills, hills, hills,' and adds a cuss word now and then, not only for the labor involved, but for the unbeautiful results of the wheel in daily use."And though Pittsburgh was usually "obscured by the smoke that hangs always over the town," the writer found it "truly substantial" in what the city "shows to the eye since the bicycle has come among us."He went a little nuts over Louisville: "What poetry and symmetry we have before us as the result of easy grades and asphalt pavements, whereupon the beauty that a goddess might well weep to gain is seen on every hand—I beg your pardon—I should perhaps have said on every foot, though I do not wish to make a joke of sacred things.

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