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Go to Advanced Search, filter by topic and type of resource to see what other teachers have created.From your top menu, go to Builder Tools / Board Builder to access.Note: Discovery Techbook subscriptions are not offered through ESC-20.Teachers may create Board Builders to contain lesson/center activities or to organize entire units.Enter the code provided by your teacher and your first and last name.*If you are 13 years or younger do not use your actual name. Ignite student interest and open doorways to learning with exciting real world curriculum resources, packaged with instructional strategies and personalized for your needs as an educator.

You have access to all archived webinars, including special events and walkthroughs of the Discovery Education Streaming service by logging in and selecting “My DE” from the left-side menu and then, about halfway down the page, click on “Events.” You may then choose the archived webinar topics of your interest.

ore than 155,000 standards-aligned digital resources that address multiple learning styles and inspire students to explore their world. Discovery Science K-8 includes virtual labs, explorations, literacy-building reading passages, and a real-time assessment component that monitors student progress.

schools, Discovery Education Streaming PLUS enhances curriculum and engages today’s students in learning through instructional videos, skill builders, games, audio files, images, writing prompts, and encyclopedia articles.

Virtual field trips and virtual reality provide powerful, free, on-demand events that engage students and bring the real world into the classroom.

Learn with us as we investigate strategies to connect these digital media experiences to relevant curriculum and lesson ideas. In this season, we will explore several variations on the theme, discuss ways to gather materials and equipment, showcase examples and experiences some activities.


Unlock the interests of every student with a variety of highly engaging teaching channels from partners like Myth Busters, NBA, Reuters, Shark Week, MLB and Ford’s Theatre that are available in Discovery Education Experience.