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Assignment Dropbox

For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on You Tube, navigate to If your institution uses Qwickly, you can attach files stored in your cloud-based storage accounts, such as Dropbox or Google Docs, to your assignment.More on attaching files to an assignment with Qwickly Your instructor may allow you to submit an assignment more than once for a variety of reasons.You can use the options in the editor to format the text and embed images and attach files. To use your keyboard to jump to the editor toolbar, press ALT F10. Use the arrow keys to select an option, such as a numbered list. If your browser allows, media files you add from cloud storage display inline.At this time, your instructor can’t preview or annotate files you submit in Google Drive’s native file formats such as Google Docs (.gdoc), Sheets (.gsheets), Slides (.gslides), and so on.If the instructor connected an assignment with the One Drive Assignments App, students can submit on the web version using the workflow outlined here.To make a submission to an assignment from the Chromebook web platform, students can: Note: Do not select Upload when submitting from a Chromebook—when you select this option from a Chromebook it draws directly from your Google Drive account which will not allow you to attach a file created in Google Drive unless there is a version of the file saved to the device (indicated by displaying a file size).To submit, student select the file in their Google Drive or One Drive, click Import, and then select Import File: It is additionally possible to submit from Google Drive and One Drive from the Create tab, using the Insert Content menu in the Rich Text Editor: Schoology strongly recommends that students use the Resources tab workflow to submit Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive content.However, if they do submit via the Create tab, they can only successfully submit content by choosing Import Link in the Insert Content menu: If the instructor connected an assignment with the Google Drive Assignments App, students can submit on the web version using the workflow outlined here.

You may realize you made an error after you've submitted your assignment.For example, you might have to mark a lecture as reviewed before you may access an assignment.Contact your instructor if you don't see an assignment you think you should.You shouldn't include any identifying information with your submission.Don't add your name to files you upload or use your name in any text you add. You can see the due date, number of attempts allowed, the time limit if imposed, and possibly goals and a rubric for grading.

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You can also see if the due date has passed and if any submissions are or will be late.