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Army Value Essay

No matter if its shooting expert on the M16, learning dill movements in basic, brushing up on your boot shining skills in AIT, or trust in your fellow solders in permint party.Lots of thing helps make a solder from learning the heritage and traditions, to coutesies, to the army values all the way down to serving as a member of a team.The group of soldiers who are ready to serve the country, regardless the obstacles and personal beliefs is the most powerful army in the world.“Live up to all the Army values” (The United States Army, 2016).Army highlights the importance of equal treatment and opportunity for everyone.“Bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution, the Army, your unit, and other soldiers” (The United States Army, 2016).If a leader disrespects his or her soldiers he or she can loose all respect and trust of a unit and will create tension within the team.

Selfless service lets our army to put the security of the motherland before soldier’s personal needs, to sacrifice in favor of the greater welfare.Bearing true faith and allegiance is a matter of believing in, and devoting yourself to it but , At this time I'm going to take the time to focus on a section of belifes that helps mold a solder into what he is and that is the 5 R's.Right place, right time, right uniform, right attitude, and respect to others. Well have you ever got a verbal party invation from your friend about a party he or she may be having. Later on that day you get ready hop in your car set out and for got where the location was. If your given a block of instructions by your chain of command on where to meet and you get ready boots all shine, uniform pressed ...The Army values are the foundation for good soldiering in the United States Army.To pick just one value to discuss or to break is difficult to follow without tapping into any of the other seven.

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Without influences of soldiers around you pushing you to be a more selfless soldier you can become more selfish than selfless.

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