Army Poncho Essay Ap World History 2008 Comparison Essay

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Army Poncho Essay

I got his unit—“18th engineers, 3rd (Stryker) brigade, 2nd I. The next time I saw him, he was under a camouflage poncho. If I had taken the photo, I would have been lynched by his comrades.D.,” my notebook reads—his surname (Gardner) from his flak jacket, his rank (sergeant) from a patch on his chest, and ran back to the truck. When corpses are around, every eye in the zone, teary or angered, is on me, ensuring I don’t get too close and take a picture.Hunting and pecking with his two index fingers, Specialist Computer entered hacks’ names as Specialist Telephone shouted them out to him.

Another engineer was shouting at him, “Get off the sidewalk.” They were frightened of bombs buried beneath it. The gunner made the only sound, a ratchet-click of the spinning turret, while he searched for the man who triggered the bomb. With Gardner, though, I ended up being the guy who engaged him in his last conversation. A few hours later, I was having lunch at the huge chow hall on Camp Liberty.

But the minute we rolled up to the street, a few engineers exited the heavily armored vehicles and started directing their bulldozers.

Some of the infantry guys watched the scene in disbelief; others were livid.

Walking the corridors to the bunker office, I wondered why on earth they’d be worried about a Western photographer in such a perfectly boring place.

Minutes later, I understood: two soldiers sat behind the desk, one of them manning the telephone and the other the computer.

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The engineers were told unconditionally that they should remain in their vehicles.

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