Aqa Critical Thinking Past Papers

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Aqa Critical Thinking Past Papers

AQA also offers Critical Thinking as an A-Level since 2008.There has recently been a fall in its popularity as an A level subject, presumably because few Universities accept it, and AQA will not be offering it after June 2014. The A-level Critical Thinking (H052 for AS, H452 for A-level) is composed as follows: Unit 1, Introduction to Critical Thinking (F501) involves the language of reasoning and credibility assessment.It will include synoptic assessment and "Stretch and Challenge".It is a 1 hour 30 minute exam, and is worth a quarter of the A-level.Types of question include: verbal reasoning, numeric reasoning, spatial reasoning and deductive reasoning.The format is usually multiple choice, although there are instances where an essay is also required (e.g. Please double check this before you sit the exam relating to your course/institution.

It also helps with improving decision making – something we could all benefit from.The writing task usually offers a choice of interesting essay questions/statements for further discussion.There are typically four choices for the Oxford paper, and the questions tend to have a philosophical/ethical edge to them.It will include synoptic assessment, and it is a 1 hour 30 minute exam, and is worth a quarter of the A-level.Unit 4: Critical Reasoning (F504) will involve the analysis and evaluation of complex arguments, with the developing of your own "cogent and complex" arguments.

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Success in the TSA is a reliable indicator that you are able to think quickly and accurately, and are adept in multiple disciplines.