Aping Western Culture Essay

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Aping Western Culture Essay

The different civilizations such as the one rising from Tigris-Euphrates and Nile river valleys contributed a lot to the modern man .

Technological innovations also characterized this period which contributed to better economic, political and social development.

They will imbibe it in their own way, not in the same way you did.

Youth means, in some ways, they are yet to be created. Those who are becoming have a much bigger possibility than those who have become something.

The changes have been witnessed in the political, economic production and social systems.

In addition, it has also been reflected in the way of thinking and behavior of the people .

Nevertheless, it was until the 1950s and 60s that the concept of modernization became accepted and used.Above all, the previous generations, especially the last two-three generations have failed to show the younger generations the value of what you have, because you yourself have not touched it. You are talking about aping the West, but everything about you is western right now.Your shirt is western, your pant is western, your haircut is western. So, you must dig into your culture and pull out something really valuable. It won’t happen if you do not know how to show the value, don’t tell them, “Don’t eat pizza, eat dosa.” They will eat only pizza.It has been a long-standing complaint that Indian youth are highly influenced by American and European cultures.With India fast becoming a truly global environment in terms of economy, food and culture, what does it take to make sure our youth do not forget the richness of being Indian? Sadhguru: It’s not that the youth are particularly going off-track.

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