Ap Us History Essay Questions Sectionalism Major Components Of An Academic Essay

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Ap Us History Essay Questions Sectionalism

Sectionalism and Slavery In the early 1800s, slavery was becoming an increasingly sectional issue, meaning that it was increasingly dividing the nation along regional lines.

Northerners were becoming more opposed to slavery, whether for moral or economic reasons, and Southerners were becoming more united in their defense of slavery as an institution.

They were considered lazy and shiftless, and were often cited by northerners as proof that slavery degraded non-slaveholding whites.

West Florida, 1810: Annexed when southern expansionists went into the Spanish Dominion, captured the fort at Baton Rouge, and proclaimed on September 26, the independent State of republic of West Florida.

It was so profitable that the vast majority of southern farms and plantations grew cotton, and the "Cotton Kingdom" spread west into Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas.

The British textile industry created a huge demand for cotton, and the invention of the cotton gin made it practical to grow cotton throughout the South.

Missouri Compromise: Congress admitted Maine as a free state in 1820 so that Missouri would become a slave state and prohibited slavery in the rest of the Louisiana Purchase territory north of 36 30, the southern boundary of Missouri.

Henry Clay proposed the second Missouri Compromise in 1821, which forbade discrimination against citizens from other states in Missouri but did not resolve whether free blacks were citizens.

The Holy Alliance was an organization of European states that advanced the principles of the Christian faith. interests were involved, European powers could not colonize the American continents and shouldn’t attempt to colonize newly independent Spanish American republics. Chief Justice John Marshall decisions: Dartmouth College v.

George Canning: The British foreign minister, he supported nationalist movements throughout Latin America and dissuaded foreign intervention in American affairs. Woodward (1819) The question was whether New Hampshire could change a private corporation, Dartmouth College into a state university. After a state charters a college or business, it can no longer alter the charter nor regulate the beneficiary.

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