Analytical Essay The Glass Menagerie

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Due to the technique of the psychological realism Williams paid close attention to the art of depicting characters' psychological reactions.Towards Amanda's much-more-repeated-admonishment (Rise and Shine, don't smoke, and don't go to a movie) Tom Wingfield reacted violently. From this sort of angry irritation made by Tom, we catch a glimpse of what kind of psychological makeup Tom Wingfield has.For instance, when Laura was bringing out her past life in school from the chamber-box of her memory, the image blues-rose came.When Amanda was recklessly persuading Tom to stop hankering for a movie and adventure, the legend of Jolly Roger came.Once we trace the psychological makeup of the psychological realism.The third crucial technique Williams adopted is the technique of using the same character of the play as the narrator.Critical analysis of Glass Menagerie play can focus on a wide range of issues from the play scenes and settings.A critical analysis is merely an evaluation of someone's work based on your opinion.

The nature of the characters of this play gets revealed through the snatches of the conversation.Tennessee Williams has given a purely unique touch to The Glass Menagerie by not dividing his play into Acts.Unlike other classical plays and the nineteenth century plays The Glass Menagerie has not been divided into Acts. Though the play is a collection of scenes, these scenes are brought in a sense of tight unity.A convincing critical analysis is based on your own understanding of the play.It will require you to critically read the work first before writing the analysis essay.

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That is why the dramatic action remained undivided and unbroken.