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River transport played a very important role prior to the development of modern means of land transport.

(i) Liners: Liners are the ships which have regular fixed routes, time and charges.Sometimes the river changes its course which causes dislocation in the normal route of the trade.Inland water transport by rivers and canals is not suitable for small traders, as it takes normally a longer time to carry goods from one place to another through this form of transport.- Hannah Rosenblatt Haydee Smith Muir 40, Section A28 (811381) Synthesis Write: Final Draft 17 November, 2014 Bottled Water, the Consumer, and the Environmentalist Both Barnett 's “Business in a Bottle” and Gleick 's “Selling Bottled Water: The Modern Medicine Show” support the general claim that the creation and advancement of the bottled water industry has made an unnecessary commodity out of a naturally occurring resource, and is detrimental to human and environmental well-being.However, the authors justify this claim by operating under different frameworks: Barnett uses evidence demonstrating the exploitation and alteration of natural water sources by bottled water companies, viewi...

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Water transport is the cheapest and the oldest mode of transport.

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