Accounting Problem Solving Record Company Business Plan Template

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It will help you to receive a better score in your exams.

It is framed to help several financial performance, managerial activities, costing, budgeting taxation auditing etc.

Credit Terms: The collection system is faulty because debtors enjoy a credit facility for 96 days, which is beyond normal period. Return on Proprietors’ Fund: 5% of the sales is net profit and are available for the proprietors. Stock Turnover Ratio and Turnover to fixed assets indicate an unhealthy sign.

It is for verification of financial statement and report.

Internal audit is performed by the internal team for verifying several financial statements of the business to make an authentic financial report.

On the other hand, low Turnover Ratio and long collection period reflects that payments by debtors are delayed.

Problem 9: The Capital of a Company is as follows: Problem 10: Assume that a firm has owners’ equity of Rs. The ratios for the firm are: Problem 11: With the following ratios and further information given below, prepare a Trading, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet: Problem 12: Extract from financial accounts of X, Y, Z Ltd.

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A high ratio implies good inventory ‘management and an indication of under-investment.