95 Theses Rap Answers

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95 Theses Rap Answers

From the beginning, the young monk was conspicuously obedient.He prayed for six hours a day and fasted; he practiced self-reflection, mortification and confession.None of the Church's rituals or rules was able to answer this question.Luther continued fervently to read the Bible and was particularly moved by the Apostle Paul's letter to the early Roman church, where he read about justification by the blood of Jesus Christ.Events that couldn't be explained - like personal tragedies, bad harvests or even wars - were viewed as the consequences of a pact with the devil.Those thought to have entered into such deals were usually burned at the stake.

Luther's four pillars of faith Through his study of the Bible, Martin Luther developed four key theological pillars. He saw the Bible as the only benchmark of truth, while the Church at the time also relied on additional texts written by the pope and the synod.

The theologian gradually understood what would become the core of the Reformation: God is not just a just judge, but also a father who loves the people he created and who sent his son to pay the price for the sin that was separating them from him.

As Luther discovered in the Bible, anyone who believes in God and his son Jesus Christ is given the free gift of justification before the Almighty.

In the late Middle Ages and beginning of the modern era, the Christian faith was dominated by the Roman-Catholic Church.

The Church's dogma and rules dictated people's lives, and God was seen as a judgmental figure who never let a mistake go unpunished.

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Here's why he never expected to become a revolutionary.