2+2 Essay Questions

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2+2 Essay Questions

Listen to this tutorial to get: – Ideas for recent Task 2 Questions – A formula for essay planning – A strategy to build cohesive paragraphs You can download or listen to the audio version here:|Direct Download Here | Stitcher | i Tunes | Spotify | Soundcloud | Transcript |Paragraph 1 Agree – learning in group has many advantages Elements of teamwork can be adopted Group can utilize each person’s skill expertise Paragraph 2 Disagree – Individualism is better Self reliant, own the result, not dependant on others More mature way, more responsible No laggards Paragraph 1 Agree – Men are more competitive Look at sporting fans, globally most are male A lot of sports historically only men participate: F1, Boxing, MMA, etc.

Psychological drivers of men include: dominance, control Paragraph 2 Agree – Men are more competitive Although it is difficult to say without sounding sexist Is it nature or nurture – difficult to say Paragraph 1 It is more advantageous to relate socially to others via the phone Possible to give more frequent contact and support Possible to find others similar to you, useful for those with obscure or specialist interests Paragraph 2 Disadvantages Cyber bullying is becoming a realty Teenagers becoming addicted to phones, even labeled screenagers Phenomenon called instagram realty which shows the real life pictures without the filters… Paragraph 1 Reason behind this is probably social media Vapid attempts at self promotion and “keeping up with the joneses”.

In life, you have tests and then learn lessons.” If you view your mistakes as experiments, lessons, or tests, you can grow and make sure you don’t repeat them.

Show HBS through this essay that you are the kind of person who learns from your mistakes.

Remember: HBS wants to The first issue you must address when looking at #3, is which two do you choose.

A friend went to her daughter’s graduation and quoted the valedictory address, “In school you learn lessons and then take tests.

So if you have lived in Kansas almost all your life and have extensive leadership experience in student government, sports, and your church, perhaps #2 would not be a good question for you, but #1 might be.

If you have extensive international travel, but lack a clear idea of what you want to do, then perhaps 2 & 4 are for you, but you want to pass on 3.

Bring it down to earth with your plan for implementing that vision.

In other words writing that you seek “a career leading an innovative enterprise, providing work-life balance, and allowing me the opportunity to contribute to my community” sounds great.

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describe the leadership experience showing the impact you had as a leader.

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